EIU holds workshop on improving engineering training quality

EIU’s Faculty of Engineering held a workshop on improving the quality of engineering training on March 30, 2022,

The event was designed for EIU lecturers to share training experiences in engineering, promote the use of new technologies in lecturing, especially during the global pandemic, and to improve the faculty’s training quality.

Among the participants were lecturers from this faculty and the Faculty of Information Technology, other EIU units, and many students.

The workshop discussed many issues on the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic to global education in general and EIU in particular; innovations and creativity in teaching, learning and research methods at EIU; application of science and technology to business and life. The topics were:

👉Global impacts of COVID-19 on higher education and implications for Vietnam and EIU;

👉 Innovative Teaching, Learning, Scientific Research and Academic Advancement at EIU: A New “Pillar” in the Information Age;

👉 Using Google and YouTube to Improve Online Self-study of Students and Faculty;

👉 Energy Storage System: a Summary of Topologies;

👉 Performance of Students Resulted from a Multi-disciplinary Project at Eastern International University;

👉Design, Manufacture Model of the Air Conditioning System in Car Communicated with the Computer.

The topics drew a lot of attention from the participants, lecturers and students. The workshop was for academic sharing, but also a place to exchange, learn, and promote the spirit of research and creativity in teaching and learning at EIU.

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