Training, scientific research and community engagement are among the top priorities at EIU. In particular, scientific research plays an important role in the development of EIU in the direction of a research and application university in order to serve the community and sustainable development, helping to improve intellectual and academic values. and enhance the prestige and position of the school. At EIU, policies and guidelines on scientific research are systematically developed, in order to facilitate and encourage scientific research activities of faculty and students throughout the university. EIU also promotes the construction and implementation of science and technology development investment projects, research capacity strengthening projects, key, interdisciplinary and specialized laboratories to ensure the best conditions for the development of science and technology. necessary conditions for organizing scientific research activities. With a strong intellectual resource including a team of lecturers, students, researchers with expertise from many different fields, and a diverse network of businesses, international partners, institutes and universities in the world. and abroad and with the necessary conditions for a laboratory system, EIU has full potential to well serve scientific research activities, attract more high-quality human resources as well as promote innovation and transformation. transfer knowledge, transfer technology, create new values ​​to serve the community, promote socio-economic development.

Accounting and Management:
Accounting, Management, Finance and Risk Management

Energy, Math, Physics

Engineering and Technology:
Computer Science, Electrical-Electronics,
Smart Manufacturing, Robotics,
Biomedical Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence

Social Science:
Economics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation