30th Vietnam Student Informatics Olympiad and ICPC HANOI 2021

🥳 Congratulations to the CIT team for having taken part in the 30th Vietnam Informatics Olympiad and ICPC HANOI 2021.

📚 The 30th Vietnam Student Informatics Olympiad and ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) Hanoi Asia 2022* have taken place recently, with more than 450 students and 120 trainers from 70 participating universities. The Eastern International University (EIU) was represented by students Le Duy Lin, Nguyen Huu Nhan and Nguyen Huu Tien from the 8th course, the Faculty of Communications and Information Technology (CIT), who have showed their CIT passion during the contests.

🧑‍💻 At EIU, the students are members at the CIT Club established by the Faculty’s lecturers to help students improve their programming skills and practice participating in competitions.

The students said this was their first time to participate in 2 big competitions in Hanoi, they felt worried. However, enthusiastic guidance from lecturers in reviewing knowledge and working out tactics has helped them to overcome the issue to join the contests with highest confidence they could.

🧑‍💻 Unlucky for the team when arriving in Hanoi, a member tested positive for Covid-19 right before the official competition and could not participate in the team contest for ICPC Hanoi Asia 2022. But the other two tried their best to complete their individual part in the Olympiads. As a result, Le Duy Lin won the Consolation Prize in the specialized exam for CIT students, which saw more than 160 students participating.

🥰 Despite difficulties in the contests, encouragement from the lecturers and careful preparation by each member created strong motivation to help them do the tasks confidently. They also had the opportunity to fulfill their passion and accumulate many valuable experiences.

*Vietnam Student Informatics Olympiad is an individual competition for students studying at universities and colleges, including many specialized and non-specialized competitions for first-year IT students and other students. In the contest, students have to program to solve tough issues. The organizers use automatic scoring and students can adjust their test before submitting.

* ICPC Hanoi Asia 2022 is a programming competition for international students, where groups of 3 students and 1 coach have to make one team. There are 3 main rounds: Regional, National, Asian Round. After the Asian is the World Finals.

Source: https://www.olp.vn/trang-ch%E1%BB%A7

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